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How to place the order with us?


Placing an order with Shanghai Meishe Supply Chain involves the following steps:

1. Contact the Shipping Agent: Reach out to the shipping agent through our official website, SKYPE/WHATSAPP:+86 15800504698

Provide your contact information and briefly explain your shipping requirements.

2. Discuss Your Needs: Have a detailed conversation with the agent to discuss your specific shipping needs. This includes the type of goods, quantity, origin and destination, preferred transportation mode (air, sea, or land), and any special requirements or restrictions.

3. Obtain a Quote: We will provide you with a quote based on your shipping details.

4. Negotiate and Agree on Terms: Negotiate the terms of the shipment with the shipping agent if necessary. Discuss payment terms, insurance options, transit time, and any other relevant details. Once you've agreed on the terms, ask for a written contract to be signed by both parties.

5. Prepare Your Shipment: Prepare your goods for shipment according to the agent's instructions. This may involve packing, labeling, and arranging for customs clearance if applicable.

6. Submit Documentation: Provide the shipping agent with the necessary documentation, such as invoices, packing lists, and any required customs forms. Ensure all documents are complete and accurate.These can also be provided from your different suppliers.

7. Make Payment: Arrange for payment of the shipping fees as agreed upon with the agent. This can be done through bank transfer, credit card, or other payment methods accepted by the agent.

8. Monitor Shipment: Keep track of your shipment's progress through the tracking information provided by the shipping agent. Contact the agent if there are any delays or issues.

9. Receive Your Shipment: Once your shipment arrives at its destination, inspect the goods to ensure they're in good condition. If everything is satisfactory, complete the delivery process with the shipping agent.

Remember to communicate effectively with the shipping agent throughout the process and ensure you understand all terms and conditions before signing any contracts. Additionally, it's important to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, especially when dealing with customs clearance and import/export matters.