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610cartons sea with DDP to USA AMAZON WAREHOUSE:
● PORT OF LOADING: Shanghai port, China
33333 LBJ FWY Dallas, TX 75241-7203/IAH3/FWA4/IND9
● Commodity Name: Ankle Strap、Back Brace、SI belt、Knee brace、Shoulder Brace、Thigh Sleeves、Arm Sleeves、Leg Sleeves
● Weight: 2363KG
● Volume: 12.7CBM
● Cartons: 610
● Shipping item: DDP, SEA SHIPMENT ①Because Amazon has relatively high requirements for the arrival time of goods, the customer chose part of the urgent shipments with the fastest boat Matson, SEA DDP, Door to Door service, include customs clearance duty.
②We suggested our customer divide shipments with fast boat and slow boat to save the shipping freight. Because our slow boat is also very fast, after depart the shipping time to the local port is 15 days. Total delivery time almost 28~32days. Big shipment can save a big amount shipping freight.
● Operation: Our customer is a amazon seller. This big order have 4 factories. They are in Jiangsu、Hebe、Guangzhou and Anhui province. Our customer with those factory’s trade term are EXW. So we picked up the goods from those different factories to our Shanghai and yiwu warehouse.
①Fast boat: loading from Shanghai port - Long Beach, shipping time to Long Beach Port is 11~12days. This shipment total delivery is 15 days. We chose UPS for delivery, it will be fast than truck for delivery.
②Slow boat: loading from Ningbo port, the shipping time to the local port is 15 days. Slow boat is a big order, so we all use truck for delivery to Amazon warehouse FTW1/IAH3/FWA4/IND9. After customs clearance is completed and the goods arrive at our US company's warehouse, we will make an appointment with Amazon. Once an appointment is made, our truck company will deliver it to the Amazon warehouse according to the appointment time.
Big orders we suggest delivery with truck. There are many advantages to truck delivery, such as the truck is a one-time delivery, fast, cheaper and safe than UPS for delivery. Small orders we suggest delivery with UPS.
● Date: 2024/02/28
Usually when our customers placed the order with their different suppliers, they will notify us to contact the factory. We will provide the packaging requirements for the orders according to the customer's transportation requirements and let the factory make packaging arrangements in advance. Such as the gross weight of the carton, carton size and so on. This can help customers save certain shipping costs. In addition, when goods are ready, we will share 2~3 quotations to our customers, include the cost and the shipping time. Customers can choose the appropriate option according to their needs.
We has been deeply involved in USA shipping, has experience in the transportation of Amazon shipment, and has built safe and efficient international logistics service platform in China, hoping to provide customers with cross-border logistics services that exceed expectations. If you have any business questions, please contact us – TEL: +86 15800504698, +021 66875698, E-mail:, We are looking forward to hearing from you.